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Growing Marijuana On Soil


Type of soil for your marijuana plants


Ignore whoever told you plants don't need food.

Not during the first 12 days, but after that they do.
What whoever told you that might mean is if you use potting soil with nutrients already in it, adding more would hurt.

The best potting soils have a mixture of compost & peat moss, with seabird/bat guano, seaweed/kelp, worm castings and a bit of hydrated lime, and perlite.
Some growers like to add lots of perlite but you should never use more than 15 % imo.
A soil with these organic nutrients doesn't need any added nutrients for the first 4 weeks or so. Then it's time to add small amt's of nutrients to the water when you water the plants.
For a beginner, I'd recommend Fox Farms nutrients. You'll need 1 kind for veg and another kind for flowering.

Top quality potting soil is expensive (Fox Farms Ocean and Black Gold Potting Soil start at $10.00/bag) but is very cost effective. Your plants will grow faster, be healthier, and you'll have more buds to harvest.

How do I know which soil is right for me to buy?

Do some reading on the subject - marijuana requires certain components in order to grow well, therefore the better soil mix you buy, the better growth and yield you will have in the end. When buying soil, you truly get what you pay for.

My soil cracks into chunks when it gets dry, and my plants are not growing much at all. What's wrong?

Your soil is too tightly packed to allow the roots to grow and spread out. Compacted soil will choke a plant and stunt the growth. Remove your plant, add some perlite or moss or other additive to the soil mix, then transplant. It should perk up and begin growing in a day or two.

I only planted 5 seeds but I have 8 sprouts in my cups. How can this happen?

Chances are you used old soil or cheap soil. Pull the "weeds" as soon as you can, but make sure you don't pull your marijuana seedlings out by mistake.

I started 2 other grows in this soil, but my other plants all died. Can I still use this?

That depends on why they died. If they were good seeds and you gave them good care, then I believe your soil has defencies or is contaminated. The best thing would be to dispose of it and buy fresh, better grade of soil.

Help! My dirt is full of brown bugs! Can my 2-wk old plant be saved?

That sounds like a bad infestation. If the plant still looks healthy, spray it down with a soap mixture, then remove it from the pot, gently shake the dirt out of the roots, and transplant it into new soil, after you wash your container well. Throw all the old soil out - it can't be used for anything.

My soil was EXPENSIVE - why can`t I reuse it?

Reusing soil is a matter for much debate. Some growers do, some don't. Some will add ferts and nutes, then flush it out and let it sit between grows. Some use the same soil over and over with good results, while others throw it onto the compost heap as soon as the plants are cut. I would think, the better the soil to start with, the more reusable it would be.

I saw 4 different brands of soil in the garden center today. How can I tell which is best?

Compare the ingredients in each bag, then go with the one that has the ingredients you want in it. If it does not satisfy you, you can always change to another brand.

I planted my seeds in plain soil. What do I do?

Buy a bag of soil amendment and transplant your seedlings, as soon as possible.

What kind of cup do I start my seeds in? How much dirt? How much water?

Any small container will do - make sure it is 3-4" deep and has drainage holes in the bottom. Fill it to 1/2" of the top with dirt. Water with half to one ounce of water daily until it sprouts.

Can I keep my seeds on the stove to germinate?

Yes. They need to be kept nice and warm, and make sure the soil stays moist too.