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How To Pass a Marijuana Urine Drug Test

How to pass a marjiuana urine drug test within 24 hours!

Is it possible? Let's find out how...

How does a urine Marijuana drug test work?

A urine drug test works like the following; the urine test kit looks for a substance called a metabolite, which flows in your blood stream after you have smoked marijuana. The standard amount to test as a positive is 50 nanograms/ml and some tests go even lower.

So, what we want to do is to dilute our urine enough that we're under the 50 ng/ml. You might think drinking water will do the job but in reality your urine will look abnormal and it's obvious for the tester to assume you've been drinking too much water on purpose. Also, if the test outcome is too diluted, like too much water in your urine, the marijuana test will show positive. So what do we have to do then you might ask?

How to pass a urine marijuana drug test?

Well it's rather simple, drink 35% water and 65% gatoraide. The day before you have your urine drug test eat a light breakfast and lunch. Don't forget to drink several glasses of water. On the test day you don't eat anything before taking the test. Ok, if you're really hungry eat something very light like an apple but not later then three hours before the test. About 4 hours before the test is to take place, you will need to drink 3 or 4 glasses of gatoraide (1 bottle= 16 oz) and 1 or 2 glasses of water (16 oz = 1 glass).

At the time of taking your drug test first urinate into the toilet for a bit and then fill up the test container and after you filled it to the proper level finish urinating in the toilet. The thing is that most of the waste material is in the first and last part of the stream. Passing your urine drug test is simply done by following these steps.

If it might happen your test is too diluted then tell them you did some active sports that made you drink a lot of water the other day.
Passing drug test Myths: Don't take any B-complex vitamins, they don't help anything but color your urine a bright yellow. Which will look suspicious when taking the test.