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How long before it's out of your body

How long does it take for THC (marijuana) to get out of the body?

When you smoke, eat or vaporize marijuana then it will enter your body into your blood stream where it will end up at your liver that will do it's best to filter out the THC. It depends how much you have smoked, eaten or vaporized for your liver to filter out. So, the less you smoke the sooner it will be out of your system. Large amounts of THC in your blood takes you liver multiple times to filter out completely. Remember that it also depends on the physichal condition of the person. The better the condition of the person taking it the faster it will get out of your body.

The general rule of thumb when you smoke a joint or bowl it will be cleaned out of your system with 24-48 hours. But then again if you smoke all day and every day it will take at least 30 days to be cleaned out of your system.More information about how long marijuana stays in your body.

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