Marijuana Passion


This Marijuana Growing Guide Will Teach You Step By Step How To Grow Marijuana For Your Own Use In Your Closet, Dorm Room Or Basement!

Welcome To Our Marijuana Growing Guide that will help you decide the best way to grow your own marijuana in your situation.

This guide is being written as a starting point for growing your own Marijuana. Like building a home, if you have a strong foundation, the house will be sturdy, likewise with growing Marijuana, if you start with good materials e.g. high quality marijuana seeds, you will have a healthy, bountiful grow. We will start off with very basic methods, and as time and interest permits, sections will be expanded upon or new sections added.

Before you even start to grow, survey where you plan to have your own garden of Eden. Is it covert? Is it easy to access for working on your plants and maintenance? Does it have adequate ventilation? What about fire hazard from wiring and/or heat from lights? Of course, the more room you have, the larger your garden can be, but you can also quite successfully grow one plant in a dorm room closet! So don't become discouraged if you only have a small space to grow at first. After all, we are assuming you are growing for yourself and not commercially. Let the bit growers worry about greenhouses and security, you are growing for your own satisfaction so use what space you have to it's maximum.

The first item to consider is your seeds. It would be great if you know someone who could give you a clone or two, but more than likely you are starting from scratch (seeds). You can try bag seed and you may be surprised, but it's a crap shoot. You have no idea as to the genetics of the seeds. You may get lucky and find a good seed in a bud, but that is very unlikely. So, the most practical option if you are interested in growing high quality Marijuana, is to obtain seeds from a reputable vendor. Where you intend to grow will affect your decision as to what type of seed to purchase. Currently, you can find seeds suitable for outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse growing. You can also pay a little more for feminized seeds to increase your chances of more female plants. Whatever you decide to do about seeds, try to get the best that you can afford. You won't be disappointed.

A good way to learn growing marijuana is to watch a video or dvd about growing. This will help you to explain clearly of what growing your own herb is all about.

Another early item to consider is how do you plan to grow your marijuana plants? Are you going to grow in soil or use hydroponics. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A simple 5 gallon bucket of good soil can produce fantastic results. You can also get the same results with hydroponics, but there is somewhat more maintenance associated with hydroponics. It's your choice and you may find that you want to try several methods over time to discover which you like the best and which works best with your growing area.