Marijuana Passion


Transplanting The Marijuana Plant


Unless you have planted your seeds into a pot large enough to sustain a full-size grow, then you will need to transplant your young plant one or two times, in order to ensure maximum yield. A healthy marijuana plant will soon outgrow its starter cup, and a root bound plant will grow very slowly. A good rule of thumb to go by is to check the plant size against the cup size - when the plant becomes taller than the container it is in, then it is time to transplant. Another indicator is droopy leaves or a plant that needs a lot of water - these are sure signs that your plant has outgrown its pot.

Another good rule of thumb is to transplant the marijuana plant into a container that is double the size of the current one, or larger. This allows the roots to spread out and develop. Marijuana requires one foot of soil height for each foot of plant height, so prepare to have a minimum of a 5 - gallon container for the final transplant.

Water your plant just enough to moisten the roots. If the soil is damp it will hold together better for the transplant process. Fill the larger container with potting soil, leaving enough room to set the plant and root ball in.

Place your hand over the top of the cup, keeping the stem between the thumb and fingers. Turn the small container over and ease the cup off the plant. Gently set the plant upright into the new soil, then fill in the rest of the larger container with soil. Give the plant a thorough watering, as this will loosen the roots and allow them to begin spreading and growing. Tidy up your area, and you are done.