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Can't break out the Juice everyday !-- I ain't going no where !-- There will be a pause on occasion !-- I'm in the middle of a transition on the grow we expanding !-- I'm setting up a dedicated area for my work and after this many attempts U kinda streamline your technique !-- So won't be long till I can treat batches of 4 dozen cuts every couple weeks !-- It's like shooting at a sound in the dark and having to wait till day light to see if U hit anything !-- ( don't shoot at stuff U can't see it's just an example)-- U know after all this work -- I'm not gonna stop at one !--He'll yes I want a Frankenplant but the skill to do it is the true treasure !-- I have a goal !-- NorCalHal has the finest genetics he's bought bred our acquired in other ways !-- My goal is to make something that can compete with the finest he has !--I admire the guy !-- I see him checking out MP every morning !-- I give him a hard time sometimes but if I was younger I would be doing exactly what he's doing !--- If I was in a free state !-- Anyway I'll be at it again soon !-- Still got some stuff I'm keeping my eye on !-- Set the bar high Hal !--
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