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Default The $40. crop


I have been using 'Canna' nutes for the last 17 months and realized that since I began,
I have forgotten about fertilizing.
I veg on Espoma Garden tone and flower on 'Bio-flores'. Period!
{Water them every 3 days}

Satori is said to not like too much food.
In fact all of the Mandala strains are said to be that way.
I give them a cup or two of water then the 5-6 plants a gallon of Bio-Flores. Wait 20 -30 minutes and repeat till it runs out the holes at the bottom of the plastic pots.
Tilt them over.. {on a piece of 1" x 2"} and after 30 minutes replace the 3 gallon pots in 'the pool'.

Well... I believe they don't like too much water either!
They look best and are growing better and faster when they are starved of water. ie. thirsty.
They don't like their feet wet!
I don't let them wilt but when the pots are real light when picked up it is time to water them.
I've never had problems with mold.
Nutes for vegging cost less than $10. and for flowering about $30.
Flipped at 20"...= a nice crop

So... "Everything is good"

{The Samurai on the Charles Bronson movie}

Thank you...

The Poet...
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