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Hello HGB, Mutt.

I don't see an alternative other than to put that bacterial infested, half eaten, mess into my buckets. I can still make out some alfalfa, but most of it is unrecognizable. Amazing how fast things disappear.

I have a plant that has wilted away. I see a value to that for my buckets? Hard for me to explain other than most it came from bucket so why can't it go back into my bucket? The plant may be dead, but there life there somewhere. I also think of it like conserving energy, walk up a flight of stairs to throw it away in the garbage or swivel my chair and dump it into my bucket.
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Is there a way to test soil health, ghetto style? I've used a soil NPK test and the test has always shown the maximum color on all the scales. Are they accurate? I'm also curious about this "salt" build up. Does my "salt" increase because I reuse the soil?
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