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Finally got around to doing something with my buckets. I've been moving things around with my ventilation fan and really neglected my buckets. There was white stuff growing in there. So I go and mix it all up again.

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I started six more seeds in my soil and will try to start a journal to help me track my girls. I need just enough for the size of my planter since I'm planting all six in the same container. I added about 30% perlite and a tablespoon of ag lime. I'm not going to add any N,P,K just yet. I'll top dress later.

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That's my soil. Done nothing with it, not even stirred. I know I really should mix it more. It seems that when I mix it on a regular basis and tending to my buckets the organic stuff breaks down faster and becomes unrecognizable. Since it has been sitting and I haven't been mixing I can still pick out some stems. Note to self, mix more.
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