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After a little research I came up with this mix:

40% clay soil (native soil)
20% perlite
20% horse manure (1-2 year old from a manure pile)
20% worm castings
epsom salts
pulverized dolomite lime?

-ancient organics rainbow grow 5-5-2 w/ myco
-ancient organics rainbow bloom 1-9-2 w/ myco

I would premix everything to the appropriate ratios except the native soil, add water on it and let it sit for 2 weeks so everything becomes active.

After this, it will be bagged and teleported to the guerrila site. Once at the site, square foot areas will be dug and soil loosened (after a rainfall when soil is bit easier to work with.) The amendments will be mixed into the loosened soil and left to sit for a few weeks.

Am I better off mixing the fertilizer in with the soil (i.e rainbow mix) or should I apply it as a top dressing?

Is this enough to grow some decent-nice size plants? I would like rain plus the occasional watering take care of the plants fine without having to haul massive amounts of water

Anything beneficial is welcome! plz post what you think, thanks.
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