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Default Help my sister to make compost

Hi there MP My sister, she is big on organic, breastfeeding, and such, and she finally wants to make a compost bin, after she had been simply burying her kitchen waste in soil. I am a hydro guy myself so i can only help her so much, and I imagined what would be a typical compost bin for her, and that would be to get several 10-15" diameter plastic bins with lid about 15" high, and trays, and make holes in bottom and on top sides put some soil grass and brown leaf inside, and start filling them. I think that this way she could have several recipes in each bin with a different npk. I have many questions that I have and will have, but first, let me ask, is the basic idea ok?

More difficult for me to know is what kinds of food that i add to the compost will result in what kinds of fertilisers? I need more PK and less N for my sis to be able to flower plants with that. I know egg shells for calcium, can you suggest something high in P and K?

What about the smell? how can it be controlled? Any more tips and ideas?
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