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Default Buttcrack Construction Company

This is a tutorial on building a large medical grow inside a 20x24 garage.
It was completed last year and has run with no problems since then.
Before we get back to growing lets check out some construction.

Well the project is coming along fine with the usual hassles mainly materials costing 3X what you expect, along with tools malfunctioning.

I will have some pics tomorrow when it starts coming together.

This is what we have so far. I have had new rooms proffesionally framed for logevity and security. The sizes are surprizingly small for what I am investing but I don't want a bigger area just a safe one.
Main bud 11x 5-1/2 2k with locking door CO/2 800 cfm carbon scrubber
veg 1 5x7 1K with locking door tied into 800 and scrubber
Veg Room 2 400 watt W/ Door Used for differnt projects and DWC for MzJill
Clone area shelf located in veg room 1
Breeding room used temporarily and moving the 400 watt light over. Sneak entry from veg room 1 no outside movement needed. Self contained venting
10x6 Photo area and protective wall This Common area leads to all rooms

50 watt Sub panel fed by 3/4 metal conduit and #6 THHN stranded wire.

We start hanging sheet rock in the am I will snap some pictures.

The two entry doors are also being replaced with new steel exterior doors.
Ok this is mid way so its messy but its the skeleton of a very secure med garden. Notice its not some huge warehouse thats not what this is about. I wanted good code construction with proper walls and all the trimmings I wont paint the grow rooms but they will be mudded sanded and primed to protect the rock. Foylon will be placed in all grow areas.

Well today was one hell of a work out, after building the fence the side yard was covered in this nasty mud that stuck to everything so I had 2 yards of rock brought in and put in in the new path that the fence is around used for equipment storage and outdoor work area.
Ever move 2 yards of 3/4 less gravel with a shovel and a wheel barrow? OMG its death let me tell ya

So MrG got almost all the rock in place and I have it all taped off. A seeing impared person could do a much better job mudding than me and I made the biggest mess you ever saw but its all mudded off I predict alot of sanding coming up.

But it nice and sealed and ready for a Second coat

The outer security wall is 5/8 ply wood so thats easier.

Did you know insulation is expensive as hell?
I was shocked 200$ for a 4 bundles of r-30

So on with the show.
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