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i am also using the lucas formula on my third grow with it. have good results with it
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The only essential imo is a ph meter as long as that's in check ur plants will take up what nutes u have and if its not enough they will let you know. But again that's all in experience I just think people obsess a little too much over it all and end up causing more problems than they originally had.
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I use a budding supplement that pushes the ph below 5. So I will use about 3 Tbs of phUp to get it to 5.5 or thereabouts.

A ph meter is essential for this very reason.

As far as TDS or EC, if you have a mix down pat, you should be able to gauge what your TDS is. A meter is VERY handy but with TDS there are 3 different scales, so use the appropriate multiplier.

EC is the same no matter where you go.

I hope this helps.

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Default cheap ph meter

Originally Posted by chokingvictim
I had a friend, also a grower, tell me that he doesn't even check his nutes. he can tell by the color of the water. I suppose it's just experience, but I don't have $200 now for a ph tester. is there any other way I could check nutes in a reservoir?
o know a brand who has good ph meters for 35
brand is fastech.. but i dont know if you can buy them in the us..

i use them.. and they are oke..

If you re-use your soil a few times... you urn that money for a meeter back very quick..
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just switched to cyco nutes any one else run this and how do you like it
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