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Hamster Lewis
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I have this>>> and this in Black>>>>
Those will work once you make your own Canna Ejuice. I don't think you will find the cartridge type with Canna oil already in it. You would have to make your own anyway or know someone who sells them. I love those Ijust Vape pens. I got them for 20 bucks a pop on Ebay but had to wait for shipping from China. If you pay full price you should get them quicker from regular sellers. I have not made my own Ejuice yet. Will be giving it a go after this harvest. I do however smoke Nobacco Nicotine ejuice from them regularly and the battery lasts long, the hit can be small or large. Your choice and you can control the amount of air that mixes with the hit. Easy to fill and my original heating elements still work fine after months of daily use.
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The Hemp Goddess
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Making e-liquid is just too easy. Made up a batch yesterday afternoon. I like to use shatter or wax, but don't make my own and didn't want to drive to the dispensary 30 miles away. So, I made a bit of dry ice kief and used that. Used Vapeur Extract as the carrier. Mixed it at a ratio of about 2:3--2 grams kief to 3 ml carrier (you can mix 1:2 or higher depending on your tolerance). Mixed the kief and VP, heated it up, strained it through cheese cloth and it was done and ready to put in the vape cartridge. Whole process, about 20 minutes.
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Vaporizer is the device used for smoking weed it actually heated up the marijuana and burn. the smoke coming out is actually inhaled by the users.
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