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Originally Posted by Rosebud View Post
Is it clean water? Heavy metals in it? I wouldn't use ours but i am beside a nuclear reactor. lol The fish poop would be nice but I like a ridiculously clean grow.
Ya it's pretty clean with no industrial runoff but I took it out and replaced with potting soil before I got the seeds to pop. I only had one ready to germinate and he's doing quite well so far ('doug'). 'Happy' and 'Sleepy' are about two weeks in and are looking fine. Then there's 'Lazarus'. I had some bagseed that didn't pop in the water or paper towels so I just tossed them in the river dirt and forgot about them. I was moving my kids around this morning and lo and behold I had a little plant. Tossed some good soil in the pot up to under the bottom leaves (I forget the name) and gave it a few milliliters of water just to see how she'll do.

Now this grow is about as dysfunctional as one can be. I've got two good plants two weeks ahead of a pair of seedlings and the there's Lazarus. Not the methodology I usually go about doing things but I've been going with the flow so far.

I've heard so much about overwatering that I'm using a syringe full around the base of the plant once a day and misting the soil three or four times a day with water that's been breathing for at least 24 hours. So far so good

After I took the pic I put a box under Lazarus and Doc to get them closer to the light.

My fixture is actually an LED street light that is a full spectrum 150 W LED that puts out about 14,000 lumens. Temps are running between 80 and 85 degrees.

I'm behind on my nutes but the soil is one that my green thumbed mom makes and swears by so I figure I've got a couple of weeks until my organics ferment enough to use as a drench and a spray during Veg stage. Credit to ozzydiodude for the recipe for organic fertilizer. Pretty easy to make if you pay attention.
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NiceBud NiceBud NiceBud NiceBud NiceBud NiceBud NiceBud

Nothing wrong with doing it this way right now. The 2 weeks ahead girls. Do you have more room for them to VEG? Or are they going to only be a small plant? Looking nice and green. Keep up the good work.
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Things U can't see can hurt U !-- When I started growing again Weed wouldn't grow for me like it did in the swamp !-- When I finally got a pH meter I found out my water had a pH of 8.5 + --salty water and 300 ppms of dissolved something ? --- Who knows !-- I installed a hundred dollar Reverse Osmosis system !-- My RO water has a pH of about 7.0 after sitting overnight with only 6 ppms --As good as distilled water !-- Works great for waterpharming but U must add Cal/Mag along with nutes !-- U guys got it in dirt and we'll water !--I had to learn this the hard way ! --I guess what I'm saying is all water ain't the same and neither is all dirt alike !--
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