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Dr MadBud
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These are what I use:
Amazon Amazon

Pull out all of the black pins and the timer stays off. Push in 1 pin for every 15min you want power on.
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Thanks again for all the help, gang. The intermittent timer is working great. This last Satori harvest has been in the tent for 8 days and there is still no sign of "crunchiness" on the outside of the buds. Especially the colas. I believe they are sufficiently dry but there no outter crunch and the buds are nice and "spongey"

I am going to jar some of it today at 69 Rh and see if it rehydrates. My guess is that it's about done and should stay pretty stable from here on. I'll find out in the next 24 hours.

Thanks again. I did take a couple samples the other day and the aroma is way way better than anything I have done yet. The taste is still up in the air but it's nice and smooth so I hope it will cure well. We'll see in 3 or 4 months.

Once again, thanks for the tips. They paid off.
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Originally Posted by Hackerman View Post
A little Velcro and the hygrometer sticks right to the Can outer filter. LOL I have one on each rack and also a remote sender that sends temp and humidity to the receiver on my desk.

Some of the buds on the screen hanging rack were getting a little dry already along the edges. So, I gathered them together a little more to keep it even throughout (as much as I can).

Last few shots are the Pheno#1's that have about 18 more days. They look a lot happier with those other monsters out of the room. The lower bud development on this pheno is amazing. I am going to have an awesome batch of Satori bubble hash. Very green, this pheno. Even under the HPS light they still look green.LOL
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