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Originally Posted by PencilHead View Post
Note that silica is going to spike your pH pretty hard. Add it to your nute mix and let it sit for an hour or so and it'll drop some but you'll probably still want to pH down a bit. If you're growing indoor trees, you'll never get enough silica in there to make them stand alone--arbor them up.
My indoor trees stand by themselves? Always have.
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Originally Posted by Hamster Lewis View Post
It is even cheaper to just buy the Silica powder by the lb and mix your own.
I buy this for 16 bucks shipped to my door>>>

Then I add 70 grams of it to 32 ounces of water and boom, you have made this for way way cheaper>>>

Figure 1 pound is 453 grams. That means you can make 207 ounces for 16 bucks.

That's a little over 1 and a half gallons. 1 Gallon of Dyna Gro Pro-Tekt goes for 37 bucks on ebay and is probably more at grow stores.
Will this hurt my microbes at all or my soil. IM not using salts. Also I have DE in my potting soil. Would you still add this? Do you use it during every watering? This would be beneficial when laying them down wouldn't it (under screen)
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It hit me about 3 o'clock this morning: rice husk ash is a source of pure silica. Composted hulls have a good bit of silica as well. If organic's your passion, then get some rice hulls and organic on.
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