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Default My First Grow- waterfarm+soil

Hey every one, been meaning to start this thread for a while now but haven't got a camera. In this grow, I got 2 white widows, 2 maku kush's, a cheese, a hindu kush and a hindu skunk all vegged inside under t5s and all in hydromite w/ constant drip on the waterfarm 8 pack. Also there is a white widow, jack herrer and snow cap all vegged outside in soil then moved inside to flower. the outdoors in soil vegged for about 3-4 weeks longer than the hydro cept the sno cap of coarse.

All the plants get fox farm and the 'dros been gettin sweet leaf and b1 the whole time n the soils been gettin it since flower.

In the pics that i got now we only have the T5 n the 400w hps up. n its about 4 weeks in flower after the three week veg. now, two weeks later, we got another 600w up in the far corner, also theres a filter on the exhaust.

For ventilation I got a timer set for intake for cool times of the day and the exhaust is plugged into a atmospheric controller set to ~82F n the probe is on the roof of the room.

so ya n e way the way the pics are tagged goes as follows

2WW (H) = both hydro white widows
WW (H) #1,#2 = either hydro white widow # based on first one to show dominance.
Skunk= hindu skunk- this thing is the most obtrusive plant to others in the room ( i love it) n it pushes all others out of the way, its hilarious.

o and also what happened right after this picture the plants experienced some major stress when the controller valve got clogged cause I messed up the ratio for solubles. n as a result they were unfed for a weekend that I was on vacation. then the hindu kush got really fucked because the air tube valve was turned the wrong way and it wasnt watered for a week and is half way over. so Ive decided ill probably end up trimmin the nugs off n throwin it back into veg after the grow.

o n i kno its shitty but these are all from clone, but I gots many babies veggin from seed + alotta these plants 2nd gen cloned.

yo n srry if its bad to do but i also posted this in the introduce yourself forums so ull have to see the pics over there
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