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Default How do you know if your plant is in shock?

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If you plant isn't growing quickly and all the fan leaves aren't perky and a luscious green color than your plant is undergoing some sort of stress.
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ok my leaves ae green but droopy *** is it dead?? what do i do?
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DLT is right about symptoms of shock. Lack of growth, leaves pointing down, Loosing colour, "sad" looking.

Droopy leaves are a sign of either over or under watering.
If in hydro, underwatering symptoms appear if there is a lack of oxygen to the root zone (effectively overwatering)
If over watered, leave the plant alone to dry out. If underwatered, water.
If leaves yellowing, give grow feed.
Read the stickies.

So, the question is, when did you last water.
What is your setup, hydro (which type) or soil, lighting, age of plant, how long suffering symptoms. Last time you changed anything.
Give us more details and some pics and we will try and help.
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Any information I post is specifically for research purposes, I DO NOT grow mj. I am interested in learning more about the medicinal benefits of mj. To this end, I may make suggestions to help others grow homeopathic medicine with little or no side effects.
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Dr MadBud
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While your narrative is quite interesting, it doesn't really engage the crux of this thread. You should have posted your narrative in the coffee table thread. If however, you were trying to make a point, you failed to get that point expressed in any applicable manner. If you would like to engage our many growers in thoughtful conversation then you should first suck on this: Then wait till your mind set is Then make your point.... At any rate, Welcome to The Passion
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Priest of Knowledge has gone green on us
Originally Posted by aplaisia
...As for Art and NV... I figured we would have comments such as this.
It is so unfortunate.
The things that come to those that wait may be
the things left behind by those who got there first.

Originally Posted by old money
Art you have 2868 posts, most stupid words that be long else where. Get a girl friend or a boy. You sure waste time and words. Now I see you are righting untruths. What a shame for the people who really don't know. About male female plants... Wow 2868 post what a waste.
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Originally Posted by jamesparker
We are in that environment where the science & technology is going very forward and if we talk about these concepts very deeply then we can easily came to know about botany, ecosystem, techniques etc. But basically if we talk about “Ecosystem” then we identify that eveththing is depends to each other like animals depend on greenery, humans depends on animals. But now the ecosystem is not balance because on land greenery is finishing very fast to which we are lost animals & the sources of income. If we sneak on green design i.e. flora & fauna on land it becomes very easy to save animals. There are many examples of ecosystems -- a pond, a forest, an estuary, grassland. The boundaries are not fixed in any objective way, although sometimes they seem obvious, as with the shoreline of a small pond. Usually the boundaries of an ecosystem are chosen for practical reasons having to do with the goals of the particular study.
The study of ecosystems mainly consists of the study of certain processes that link the living, or biotic, components to the non-living, or abiotic, components. Energy transformations andbiogeochemical cycling are the main processes that comprise the field of ecosystem ecology. As we learned earlier, ecology generally is defined as the interactions of organisms with one another and with the environment in which they occur. We can study ecology at the level of the individual, the population, the community, and the ecosystem.
In ecosystem ecology we put all of this together and, insofar as we can, we try to understand how the system operates as a whole. This means that, rather than worrying mainly about particular species, we try to focus on major functional aspects of the system. These functional aspects include such things as the amount of energy that is produced by photosynthesis, how energy or materials flow along the many steps in a food chain, or what controls the rate of decomposition of material
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