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Default kind of marijuana

Hello, there are many kind of marijuana around, do you know what's the better to start? obviously it must make effect

Thank you!
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yeah theres tons of strains to choose from...
and theres tons that are easy to grow..

as the plant will effect yeild n potency.. 40-50% also pends on grower and set up..

i would suggest ICE..aroura indica.. master kush.. og kush.pretty much any kush lol.... pineapple express(easy grower and ive found very easy n fast cloner...
then theres papaya..moby ****.bluberry..big bud(potency not the highest but yeilds usually good..hash plant.ive found all easy to grow . i would say stay away from white strains as they tend to be a pain like white widow,snow white.. stuff like that... most to all ive mentioned are indicas or hybrids.. lol... im not a sativa kinda guy i like my couch lock..

First Grow: AI/PAPAYA..

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If you are new to growing don't get caught up in the strain game bet wld be to start with an easy Indica or Indica dominant hybrid. Something 8 weeks or so flowering time wise. After you get the hang of it then you can dabble with some of the tougher to grow strains and if you are feeling brave gve a hvy Sativa strain a go. :-)
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Originally Posted by VaporNation
OG! That's the best and strongest in my opinion. Although, I do like a little purple bud every once in a while.
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