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  1. KSL
    Up to something
  2. Egzoset
    Their shadows belong to the light i follow.
  3. Crushman420
    Cannabis Cultivator, Activist. Wickr: Crushman420
  4. Crushman420
    Cannabis Cultivator, Activist.
  5. Crushman420
    Cannabis Grower and Activist Wickr: crushman420 Signal: +1 (323) 902-3758
  6. ColoradoLady
    ColoradoLady ColoRick
    Hello Rick All female crops in Montrose and county seeded from the hemp fields. It is a horrible mess!!! How about where you are?
    1. ColoRick
      Greetings. That does sound like a horrible mess. I grow within a greenhouse so no outside air/breeze gets in. On the bright side what kind of seeds did you produce? It might turn your frown upside down. Seeds sell for quite a good penny. I personally have sold/bought seeds ranging from 1.00 ea to 1000.00 ea. Lol, no joke.
      Sep 20, 2018
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    2. ColoradoLady
      Rick I am growing Blue Dream liberty haze AK47xhaze Blissful Wizard and Chronic and xxx cheese. They are all heavyly seeded with a hemp plant called Lucys somethingor other. Guess if I planted these 50/50 seeds I could pollinate those plants with good indica male and end up with some good 3/4 indica 1/4 hemp seeds.

      And yes it's a horrible mess and world war three is about to start between us
      Sep 23, 2018
  7. Rayray69
    Rayray69 Rosebud
    Hey guys I'm a new indoor grower having a lot of trouble with my leafs r turning yeallow from the stim out and brown and yeallow all over manly on the new growth I have pictured but dont know how to upload them on here
  8. ness
    ness Rosebud
    Rose I don't know if this is private or not. Everything is going wrong with my email situation. I'm about ready to send this computer back. Window's 10 HP. Or play a Keef and take it out in the back yaad and shoot it along with my cell phone. Can't fine my way to other sites, either
  9. ness
    ness Rosebud
    Can you please email me at aquarius2@outlook.com. I need to talk to you. Thank you, ness
  10. ness
    ness Rosebud
    Hello Rose I was wondering if you could help me out.
  11. Darvoid
    New to Tent growing
  12. Bignugz420
    Patience is the best nute you'll ever give your plant
  13. willienelsons
    I love to grow marijuana.
  14. Wny_outdoorsman
    Tangerine Day Dream
  15. sopappy
    sopappy Hushpuppy
    Me again, HP, I found it, all systems go.... I scrubbed everything top to bottom, sure hope i don't need it!!
  16. sopappy
    sopappy Hushpuppy
    Hi HP, I copied your post on that Jalapeno bug killer, lost it and now I can't find the post...
    I have 4 of 4 inch long green Jalapeno peppers and I'm not sure if I should ask you what i should do with them? harhar
  17. Anton
    Just looking for help and trying to help others
  18. phoenixrising602
    I not only use all the brains I have, but also all that I can borrow.
  19. phoenixrising602
    For the love of it
  20. tcbud
    tcbud HippyInEngland
    Hey HIE, just looking at your/member stats here. Did you know you lead for most likes here at over 14,000?