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  1. Toolman
    Paved Paradise and put up a parking lot
  2. stepheneking
    New Growers Here! I'm so pumped!
  3. ness2
    free spirit
  4. Rosebud
    So, i am extremely embarrassed. I didn't know this page existed. I am so sorry i never got back to you. I will now.
  5. BillBates
  6. Rickybkush
    Have a great day.
  7. Toolman
    More Power
  8. drcree
    drcree Rosebud
    hey rose, do you have anything advice about eating buds as opposed to smoking them? i assumed it to quite a bit more to achieve the same effect but wasn't sure how much.
    1. Rosebud
      You have to decarb your buds and I find eating the oil is much stronger than smoking.
      Apr 30, 2019
  9. Aksarben
    Aksarben Keef
    Keef, just curious is all about the format of your posts, and the use of exclamation points " ! " Don't often see that style of postings. Wondering if it is a type of coding program that you are running, or such. - Vern... from Michigan
  10. Pennerj59
    Green Acres is the place to be!
  11. ColoradoLady
    ColoradoLady The Hemp Goddess
    Sent you a pm...hope it went through
  12. budman13
    Canadian cannabis grower
  13. raz
    Be Nice...
  14. owentheostrich
    Music lover and smoker
  15. Rosebud
    Rosebud GROBOT
    Hi Guy, how you doing? are you back up here? Always good to see you!
  16. DutchPrincess
    DutchPrincess Rosebud
    I replied to your message
  17. Travis Wayne
    Travis Wayne
    Has anyone had some Alien Cartridges
  18. STIGGY
    STIGGY earl.dean.smooter
    Woof woof Bow cucka bow wow
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  19. HipsterDoofus
  20. Alexphillips