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  1. Cmack
  2. Elwood47
    Start all project small, this limits the size of the potential explosion!
  3. Cannapio1
  4. kmanndahouse03
    I've been growing for 10 years I got almost a thousand subscribers on YouTube. I own every lighting system there is and have used them.
  5. NENugs420
  6. Omer77
    Hello everyone.
  7. NENugs420
    Cool man, all good thanks for the info, I can make a decision if I wanna buy something or not on my own lol
  8. CannabisKidPot420
    CannabisKidPot420 NENugs420
    Just wanted you to know the person who's putting words in my mouth that I have never said to you about buying anything because I was only giving you different cloning options and that's all.
  9. CannabisKidPot420
    CannabisKidPot420 2RedEyes
    At least I hope that you are? Lol
    My friends call me CK I wanna to meet new friends here and was wondering if you wanted chat??

    I also wanted to getting your feedback about some marijuana plant strains that I genetically altered it's DNA & wanted to know what you think about GMO marijuana plants?
    I am a marijuana botanist by trade.
  10. Jray
  11. Angelinapaoula
  12. Blast
    Took a break due to employment in 2013, indoors grow tech has really moved forward. I'm now using tents and LED's.
  13. Blast
    Been growing indoors since 2002. Recieved a bachelor's in Horticulture from city College.
  14. happyday
    want to know what growers care about the light.
  15. TasWeedHead
    Just a Tasmanian Guy who loves to get high
  16. 420SOS
    I'm a cannabis enthusiast from Venezuela, hope to meet new people, learn from them and perhaps share a little of my knowledge
  17. Del
    Del Rosebud
    Could you please remove my profile and pics from this site? I cannot seem to do it myself.
    1. Rosebud
      Del, i can remove you but all your posts will be here. Can I help? Is there a problem? You can PM me.
      Jul 20, 2019
  18. Firestyle Seeds
    Firestyle Seeds
    1. Fat cat
      Fat cat
      Why are seeds so small.when one girl go's to seed I always pick the big fat ones. Has this changed?
      Jul 15, 2019
  19. Firestyle Seeds
    Firestyle Seeds
    We Are Firestyle Seeds Seedbank We Are The #1 Supplier Of Cannabis Seeds Online & Marijuana Seeds Online.
  20. SneakyShadow
    SneakyShadow Rosebud
    I wish I could send pictures so you can see what's going on that way help me better
    1. Rosebud
      Why can't you post pictures, is it too complicated?
      Jul 9, 2019