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    Florida Voters Approve Expansive Medical Marijuana Law

    smoking their mj would would do no better than smoking grape vine.
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    Florida Voters Approve Expansive Medical Marijuana Law

    Seizures since birth, know a little about mj, not optimistic.
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    Pulling the trigger on LED's I believe.

    Great choice. I like the 5w, daisy chain, hanger mounts, quiet, price and no on/off switch.
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    Deciding on my first cloner

    4th- botanicare power cloner 45 site
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    LED canopy temps

    That meter is positioned so I can see it from my recliner and has an extension probe you can't see that's hanging down below about 2'. I have been trying to stay below 81. Some plants don't get the ventilation they always need and often get to 83. I prefer 75-77 simply because I am more...
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    LED canopy temps

    Few more.
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    LED canopy temps

    It appears to me that much more force than usual is exerted on the bent area of the cables and at the crimps when doubled and tripled. This is what I did instead.
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    LED canopy temps

    Yea, I doubled my cables originaly. Still not enough headroom. Tripple the cables, maybe but I think doubling and trippling the cables is a disaster waiting to happen. Some of the lights contain mounts for the hangers that are NOT located on the corners. Instead they are moved in toward the...
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    LED advice needed.

    Hard to recommend a led light that isn't all led.
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    LED canopy temps

    BD is an expensive light made in CO. with a lifetime warranty. They are the ONLY one I've seen with decent hangers for led's, instead of cables. Cables don't allow for much height.
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    Apple Bans Mass Roots - Cannabis Social App

    "WikiLeaks criticized Google on Monday, alleging that the company waited 2-1/2 years to notify members of the anti-secrecy group that it had turned over their private emails and other information to the U.S. government."
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    Apple Bans Mass Roots - Cannabis Social App

    Me too. Used to run apples for a couple of decades, terrible. The google frats are just as bad, maybe worse
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    bho oil

    Anyone seen the waxtractor? hXXp:// A friend of mine is thinking about the farmer model.
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    Iso Hash Oil

    Whats the theory on hot iso? I thought it was supposed to be cold. :holysheep:
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    led advice

    Spectroradiometer test. No I don't sell or favor anything, Reps. Slow loading- hxxp://