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    @gmo This is what I got. Sirius black Orange haze and clones of these ready for the next run.
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    The heads…. @ROSTERMAN posted a great video on it.
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    Up to 15% Off - Halloween Sale!

    Just ordered some beans from you. Probably should have waited for the sale but…. Nice freebies with the order though Thanks Will see how they grow!
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    Gelato auto

    One of my auto flowers is struggling pretty bad. It was very droopy, I figured overwater. I let everything completely dry and watered very sparingly. Made sure it was dry and watered again last night. Still super sad looking and has some rust colored spots on a couple large fan leaves. Outer...
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    8 seedlings in one pot

    They look nice!
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    8 seedlings in one pot

    Very carefully! Lol I would gently try to wash the soil away in a bucket of water.
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    Hello scottdanny, Welcome aboard!
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    Day 17 for my big tent. Girls are moving along nicely.
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    Gmo grows Top Dawg Fam95

    F U C K I N G Decent Bro!
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    You want to check tricombs to see when it’s done. Use a scope or a jeweler loupe to check for amber color. I like around 30%. This will determine the effects clear to cloudy tris give a more energetic high and more amber is supposed to be more couch locked type of hi.
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    No I did this one with a spoon. But yes hook a pain mixer to it, the hardest part it run it slow enough in my drill.
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    Bubble hash done… Can’t wait to try it! And here is some more pics of the progress.
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    new grower looking at ventilation options

    I run a s6 in a 4x4 and yes it is more than enough. I had a post break off at the bottom while I was at work… When I got home that s6 had my whole tent collapsed in and bent 2 more posts.