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    Canna PK13/14

    Cant answer the original question but can add to it a bit. Fish bone meal 16, coconut water 20 and their both organic and work together well in a tea. I got a bunch of canna / bio-canna left overs I intend to dump on the compost pile this spring.
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    GG4 Scrog

    Welcome, im surprised no one commented on the polypoid! Is this just one flower or is that another one i see in the top right of that photo? There are those who clamor for such things.
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    The white house

    Week 8 and thickening
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Sorry some of you live in such a hostile environment! Its approaching 45 in Wasilla this morning! Grass is still green, what very little snow we had is gone and if it warms up a couple more degrees, the bees will fly today!
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    You still hawking em lights Rosebud? I got em too and like Rose, cant say enough about them. Im pretty new at all this and was nervous about the Led thing at first, even burned up some garden starts right off the bat. I learned, folks helped and now that im finishing a grow with those im all...
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    Improving my RSO process.

    I read about the Megahome with interest but for us the rice cooker is so darn easy we've stuck with it. I dont condider the Alcohol cost to be prohibitive so having it go aways not a problem. We're creatures of habit and its typical to stay with something your comfortable with. A while back i...
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    Improving my RSO process.

    Please do, thats what this is all about. Now something i learned a while back, while at one of our dispenserys was making oil with freshly harvested plants! I had an Rmg cbd id cut the day before so when i got home we ran it thru the cooker! Wow, most fragrant oil weve made to date. Dont...
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    The white house

    Week 7 and things are looking just fine.
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    Upgraded the little bopper / tea machine

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    Rosin press build

    Complete, it weighs 47 1/2 lbs and worked as expected! Came to temp very fast. Now i just gotta learn what im doing! The first press ran down the side of of the thing! Anyway, hopefully the "no carbon approach" will work for the wife. I still have till Jan 2nd before i can work on my own aches!
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    Rosin press build

    Today i finish the wireing and maybe do a little testing, pictures on the horizon. Thanks
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    Variations in light cycle

    THG, “marijuana botany” showed up and i can see the dry you mention. In my case its more of an over my head thing, which is why i’ll read certian sections over and over. I also found the reduced production thing you mention. (That wasnt a huge mention either, you mist have great retentave...
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    The white house

    A week later, one of the g.s cookies needed help standing up down on the other end, so i basketed that one. Today i shaved another hour off the light schedule. At 10 now! Starting to think some of this might be done on time, never had that before. Its either the dirt, the lights or my good...
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    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Nuli segundi / second to none! And while we're on the subject, thanks to the rest of you who served. Phu loi / Di an 1970-71