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    Ah just to be safe we're going to burn the ants nest and use Raid on the surrounding area....just to be safe...Clones of white Russian are very....very hard to come by around here.
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    My indoor Garden

    does make sense....that kind of sucks though. only one ear.
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    How Do You Make Stem Tea?

    I've never heard of it being made from stems. You can make if from leaves and bud..... The absolute simplest recipe I can think of is. Gets some bud, boil some water, then pour the water over the bud (don't boil it in), then let it seep for awhile. If you want a good potency people suggest...
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    Well my buddy found this premo spot for his like 5 in clones, but it's in the middle of an ant colony. So I was wondering if ants will hurt his plants?
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    Goldie`s Ghetto Grow - AK47 & LR

    So glad i'm not the only one. I've got a nice tan going from sitting outside watching mine. :D
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    Malaysia: Urine Tests In Schools Soon

    totally.... Tah I hope the US don't start that here. Me and my high school would fail with flying colors.
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    Ah I know a man who grew that stuff. He siad he got some seeds from a friend in mexico. I've never had the pleasure of smoking it though. I'll have to go see If I can get some because it sounds wonderful.
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    Northern Lights and Purple Power Marijuana Outdoor Grow!

    I'm interested, if you got some left. I heard it's a bitchin' strain.
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    Yeha I'd use hair or something. But don't use soap. It attracts rats....
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    My indoor Garden

    I would image growing watermelon indoors would be a pain....Just one of those vines tries to take over my dad's whole garden and we end up having to train it or cut it back because it tries to sufficate the other plants. I rekon the corn plant will have at least three ears on it. Probaly no...
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    Unbelievable Sunflower Germination

    Wow...holy crap...Germanated in a dry contanter. Crap. Kind of wierd that the stems turning purple. I garden with my dad sometimes and I've never seen a purple sunflower stem.
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    Beginner grower need help plz

    1)Well...if you know someone with a a veggie garden near by. Sneak into thier yard at night and steal thier dirt. Or go buy a bag of moisture control miracle grow dirt. If you have the money that is. 2) Yeah, I'm a bit of a newbie myself, but I fertilze once a week. 3)depends if...
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    Flowering White Widow Mother

    Awwwww! she's beutiful! Don't mind me asking but how did you get that nice hideable bush shape.
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    Get to know you

    Hiya Taniwha and hick and diseased strain, Nice to meet you all. It seems like there are a few people from the mid west. it's kind of wierd since I rarely see midwestern people on other forums. So this is where they go!
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    Amero's Guerilla Grow

    I'd post some pics, but I ain't got a web cam or even a camera for that matter. Anyway, I haven't posted here in awhile because there's been alittle suspicion around my house. Yeah so my partial growing partner is taking care of my seeds as his house. I'm getting themback today though. From...