Autumn's Bee's

About me, hmmm, what to say. The good stuff first: I love to feed people, so I am a chef and I feed you until you smile, or pass out in a good way. I'm also an artist in a few ways. I've been a photographer for a few years and recently a painter. I thank God for all of these traits, after pulling me through five brain aneurysms.
The bad stuff: I forget everything and I mean everything. So please forgive me if I repeat myself. It's not the pot, LMAO, it's the amount of metal that I have in my head. It's also the scaring in my brain, that causes memory loss, huge brain freeze, and the grammar sucks. I'm working on it, I really am.

I'm 5'3, 105 LBS, from Puerto Rico, spit out three kids. Not too bad, I didn't return any of them. 😜 Yes, I'm a comedian in my head.
Feb 22, 1976 (Age: 46)
New Jersey