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    To All Members

    :D 4 20 :D i'm sparking a 1/2 ounce blunt 2morrow at 4:20pm who else is doing sumthing special???
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    is this true???, at least thats wat i think its is, the website says its closed , is this true?
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    Perfect Roller

    thx rasta, thx hick
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    Perfect Roller

    My friend recently decided to stop smoking the excellent mary jane cuz of debt problems and he game some of his old smoking shit, nice bong, glass pipe, some king size papes, a nice bud buster and this perfect roller thing, all for $20 My question is how the **** do u use that perfect...
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    royal blunts are good but afterawhile they give u headaches cuz theres soooo much sugar, if u can buy fresh phillies, there the best
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    of course flip
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    dont rememeber when, but remeber a bunch of us get into my friend's shitbox, drive off to some side road and light up like 6 one papes for like 4 people after 30 seconds couldnt see the person sitting right next to me, purple haze, some of the best shit i ever had
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    i love ghetto smoking, thou my bongs never, never look nice, they always get me and my friends ripped outta our mind. One time i deciede i wanted to hit my glass pipe and a bong at the same time, so i attached 4 591 mL water bottles with fish tank tubing and then put the tubing in the glass...
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    Best game to play when high?

    any N64 game especcially the 2 zelda games also DOOM 3 for xbox is too trippy, play in the dark and u start freaking out
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    Bubba and Cooter go to college

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    have you ever...

    lol stoney bud.....had to get high to remeber the rest. that thing got bigger and bigger but in a fat way....too trippy. Suddenly it hit me and i went down. It picks me up and its my three friends, they got lost and called each others cells but lost mine long before. They told me they were...
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    have you ever...

    last night after jamacian hotboxing my friends bathroom with 3 huge bongs between 4 people and the 4 person had a nice jamacian rum blunt, we decided to go to the local macs to get some smokes and a chaser. IT was like 10 min away from this guys house. We leave and for sum reason we split up...
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    Best munchie food

    On a cold canadian winter night theres nothing better than a hot cup of timmies hot coco and a 3-pape In the summer chillin in pool nothing beats an ice cold corona with nachoes and cheese but any times good for reeses peices
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    stem vodlka

    its just that i have stem from like 5 years of collecting, i wieghed it and it was 12.5 grams, even with alittle thc in each stem, thats still alot
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    stem vodlka

    my friend told me that if i put all the stems i have into vodlka and leave it in there for a long time all the THC comes out and 1 shot gets u fuckedddd. will it work? how long should i soak them? how much stem do i need?