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    Just wanna say Hi

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    End of days

    say what u want i knew there will not be end of days yet , i got plants flowering man , God wold not do that to me. :) Hi Hick good to see u old man :)
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    BUG FOUND! Have picture, what is this?

    cool if its just one but keep close eye on r plants and i would use some anti mite spray just to be on a safe side.
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    Storing Seeds?

    I keep mine in airtight containers and in a wine celler :) but thats just me. HI Hick its been a long time :) hope u OK
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    HTG canceled my order

    Search engine. P.S almost right
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    BUG FOUND! Have picture, what is this?

    its a mite and they do NOT come just by themselfs check check and check again they can mess u up real good . make sure they dot have H1N1 :)
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    pruning lower branches~~~is it worth it??

    if there is any caind of light hitting the lower branches and tey are not all brown i would leave them be, even in a small matter they are helping ur plant get some light "power" :), but if they are cut of light acces by top of ur plant then u can no difference there.
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    Auto-Flower basics guide

    yes "Auto Flowering " means that they will go ito flowering nomatter what light cycle u will provide them with. u can give them 6h of light will take longer but they will start flowerin when they are ready, remember that 12/12 cycle is introduce to regular plants to make them start flowering cycle.
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    First indoor grow...first problem

    maybe ur plants are just retarded it happens sometimes :) love ur pic btw what size pots are those in ?? in the future use ocean forest soil,from miracle gro soil u need some expirience, when u get anytype of problem u go and check everything over and over again light distance nut strenght...
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    noisy fans !!!

    just tell them to be quite, try a lot of egg holders the cheapest sound proof material out there
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    best bud for closet

    auto flowering is my advice but that is just me they are the most forgiving plants out there and even " police could grow them" :)
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    What should my exspectations be?

    degenerative_disc from expirience my bottom line is hps faster and more ,mh i kept my longer then i would with hps and i got less then i would with hps but in my opinion mh all the way thru grow taste better and i like it more , and yes they will be people telling u that hps is the best bla...