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    Can cops tell if you are high

    fools...if they wanna bust you. they bust you.
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    eBay article: part 2

    daaaang, no ebb or kits off ebay for me :(
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    weed growin smells like the best fire dried out bud you have EVER bought
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    Looking for a curing jar.

    mason jars
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    almost 2 weeks into flowering

    hey I know a lot about lst, but one thing I havent been able to put my finger on is after the plant is already flowering can I still perform lst on the branches or will that mess the plant up and not send nutes to the "colas" or buds/flowers
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    wow...too much! action?

    wow, is it just me? or has everyone else whos been here for longer than lets say...since OG and other websites got shut down notice all these new comers and pointless threads of babbling? seems like they're trying to get them post numbers up quick, like its a game or something. wow. yup.
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    The Rolling Stones 1/2 Time Show

    the stones are what made music what it is today, them and a few others.
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    Ever hear of the "Stella" Awards

    hahaha "having driven onto the freeway, she set the cruise control at 70 mph and calmly left the driver's seat to go into the back & make herself a sandwich." thats the best
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    Ideas on what to do with males...

    clone a male = a male clone, so dont do that lol
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    Harvesting Heavenly Hash

    REEEEEEEEEEEEE-**** shit is sooooooo SIIIICK damn dude, amazing grow
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    Wassup smokers?

    Chill, more "intune" with everything including myself, and happy...but I'm a happy person
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    This is to all you "cool" people out there.

    dang bro...thanks!
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    If you could????

    daaaaaaamn what a hard one I'd like to say somewhere in europe, but most of that stuff will be there for quite sometime longer....ill have to come back to this one
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    OG down??

    its true, all very very true
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    2nd grow

    yes ill take pics tomorrow when the lights are on! I moved 3 of them outside to a spot I enjoy having a little garden at and kept 3 strong ones in 5 gallon buckets the ones outside will continue to veg while my indoor ones are now starting to get loads of pistils on them and are jumping in...