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    eBay article: part 2

    daaaang, no ebb or kits off ebay for me :(
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    weed growin smells like the best fire dried out bud you have EVER bought
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    almost 2 weeks into flowering

    hey I know a lot about lst, but one thing I havent been able to put my finger on is after the plant is already flowering can I still perform lst on the branches or will that mess the plant up and not send nutes to the "colas" or buds/flowers
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    Ideas on what to do with males...

    clone a male = a male clone, so dont do that lol
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    Harvesting Heavenly Hash

    REEEEEEEEEEEEE-**** shit is sooooooo SIIIICK damn dude, amazing grow
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    2nd grow

    yes ill take pics tomorrow when the lights are on! I moved 3 of them outside to a spot I enjoy having a little garden at and kept 3 strong ones in 5 gallon buckets the ones outside will continue to veg while my indoor ones are now starting to get loads of pistils on them and are jumping in...
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    Im New...

    haha well, if they wanna sell so bad...they should make other retarded choices themselves.
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    Heres where im at now

    what strain is that?
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    Im New...

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    Final Grow

    GL bro! nice last grow :)
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    trying LST

    yeah that link doesnt work on somedays, i have no clue why...but i can garuntee if you come back and click it tomorrow or the day after it will work
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    trying LST

    yes exactly {link removed} thats the best walkthrough i have EVER found for LST
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    trying LST

    the top most node has to be below the next node under it
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    Need marijuana strain recommendation

    trainwreck makes you feel like you have been in a trainwreck. not like what you want.
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    Flowering HH @ 41 Days