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    White led light

    I run 1260 W of white led LED power over a 4 x 8 and I tell you I will never ever go back to HPS
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    Jilly Bean?

    If you’re really wanting the jellybean I would just wait for a little bit because I do believe Miss Jill is going to be selling them again produced by her not sub You can find her on Instagram
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    Jilly Bean?

    I will have to agree with you man he sure is blowing the minds of his followers and I don’t necessarily mean in a good way
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    DIY COB grow light

    Looking absolutely beautiful man to be honest you kind a have me drooling over here
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    2018 herb

    Really beautiful man they look like they’re going to break their steaks :48:
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    2018 herb

    Man would you just look at them you really got me drooling over here man they are looking great :48:
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    sunshine daydream

    Hahaha Rose I bet you it’s bigger than that
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    DIY COB grow light

    Man they are looking excellent buddy really beautiful can’t wait to see how they come along the next little bit I know they’re going to be crazy I know you don’t mind doing a little bit a DIY stuff you should look on Instagram or search the photon phantom boards they are...
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    DIY COB grow light

    Man puffa they are looking really amazing
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    60's Toker & 1st time Tenter

    Nice to meet you my friend :48:
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    what is wrong with this setup?

    i wout turn them on when you put them in there just don't add nutes