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    Possibly Broad and or Russet Mite Issue

    Just an update, 13 days later and the plants are looking 100% better. I'm 99.9% sure it wasn't mites, checked a few times with a 60x scope and never saw anything. All new growth on the Blue Dream and Sour Diesel is looking nice and normal for once. Critical Mass is still growing strong. :)...
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    Possibly Broad and or Russet Mite Issue

    Hi Rosebud! I'm not 100% certain it's broad mites. I came to this conclusion after weeding out some other possible issues, comparing to my buddies almost identical grow, and trying to match up deficiencies against what mine look like. As far as I can tell, the symptoms they're displaying line up...
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    Possibly Broad and or Russet Mite Issue

    Hi everyone! Setup: 4’x2’x5’ tall tent in finished basement bedroom + window is open for fresh outside air 600w HPS/MH 1 gal Smart Pots (going to scrog) Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil Water PH’d to 6.2-6.5 (always bubble to evaporate chlorine and what not) Tent temp: 65-78*F and 30-45%...
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    A Larry, Satori, Buku, plus freebies grow

    Good to see you around Dman, it's been a few years ..i'll be keeping an eye on this one, sounds like a killer line up :icon_smile:
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    This Summer's Garden Set Up

    Thanks Rose! Skullcandy, exactly what Rose said, the fabric will keep weeds out. It will allow water to pass thru as well. You can get it at any big box store.
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    This Summer's Garden Set Up

    Just some progress pics...did some earth moving today. Ran sprinklers and built rows, then laid landscape fabric, and started to mulch.....need to make some soil and get some plants out there :farm:
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    Larry OG Hamster cut 2014

    it's :chuck: Plants & clones look great HL
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    Best Tent Temp humidity monitor

    like said above. I use acurite's $10 monitor..everyone pretty much sells them. I have 2 that are 3 years old still going strong.
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    Magic Flight Launch Box

    There's a ton of knock-off Pax's all over ebay. Get one from a local smoke shop or just order from Ploom's site, they come with a 10 year warranty. I have 2 friends with Pax's and I picked one up a few months back and love it. No issues with any of them so far..
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    Rosebud's closet

    Rose, your girls look like they were loving the fresh air and sun, do you usually leave them out for a bit every day? I miss growing outdoors in my garden (even though it was not the smartest thing :rolleyes:) Just loved seeing them blow in the wind and catch fresh rays everyday
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    Organic Nutes

    THG - I can agree with a few people above, Epsoma makes some quality fertilizers that are cheap and available and most stores. Like Rose said, the starter food is great, I started using it last year as a dry top feeder and threw it in some tea's I made, also been using more of their lineup for a...
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    I've had a Pax for 3 months now and absolutely love it...not too small, not too big and fits perfect in your pocket.
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    Rosebud's closet

    Looking great Rose, I need to get some of this Satori ...looks so good
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    This Summer's Garden Set Up

    hahahaah, that's great. I maced myself with Habenero's a few years back. Was cutting some up, and didn't wash my hands well enough, then splashed some water on my face. Then proceeded to go to the bathroom. Few min later I was on fire, jumped in a cold shower then stood in front of a fan naked...
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    This Summer's Garden Set Up

    THG - I grew in a raised bed once and really liked it. The ground here is pretty good, just need to work it a bit. I usually dig a slightly larger hole for each plant and fill/raise it with my soil mix. Usually just local jersey soil they bag up here, perlite, vermiculite, and some organic...