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    New Room

    Goin` with BluMats BJ ? peace
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    My Latest Grow

    Now dat`s purdy !! peace
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    hello from the pnw!

    Great lookin` buds ! Def trich covered . Any idea the pedigree ? peace
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    Carty vs Hawaii

    I can personally vouch for the Puna Black Cherry . Some really tasty buds with a very nice high . Sorta` makes ya` smile . Good stuff ! peace
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    Organic starter mix.

    Big fan of Roots Organic soils . Sometimes I cheap out and mix 50/50 with Pro Mix . peace
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    2nd journal..trying dwc

    Is this in a basement , concrete floor ? peace
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    Curling leaf in Aerogarden

    Well heck yeah ! Go back and look at your first pic ! peace
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    Wavy leaf and short leaf? Help!

    Don`t worry . Let her grow out some more . peace
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    Flushing plants

    Never did flush in 36 years . Just plain water the last 2 weeks and let the plants suck as many nutes as they can from the soil . Worked good for me all these years . peace
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    Automatic watering system

    Or spend the bucks and buy ya` a Blumat set up . peace
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    newbie alert

    IMO , yes . But , I`m old school . 50% clear , 50% cloudy ......then cut . peace