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    Which porn would you rather see?!?

    sorry, should have specified. A paper bag. and Yea! for your yield. maybe your afghani isn't pure. or mine wasn't, he he. good luck.
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    Which porn would you rather see?!?

    I wouldn't want to seed all of my bud either. If you keep the male in another area, then you can seed only a branch or two. That way you don't have seed all over the place. Using a bag is good because it contains the spread of the pollen. Otherwise you might get pollen migration from the...
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    Killing Mold

    Recipes This one is best for plants that are budding: 2 teaspoons vinegar (9.86 cc/ml) 1 quart of water (1 liter) Spray it once every three days. If it is sprayed on more than once every three days, then the pistils will turn color but the plant will keep growing more pistils. this cure...
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    Just starting to flower, what now?

    Yes. every day. And "several" incidents out of the many 1000's of posts which are at this site is a small percentage indeed. I am like you, I have MANY posts under my belt. I do not know where you posted but I like to specialize in helping beginners and this is due to the overwhelming legions...
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    compost vs prem soil

    I have been making compost piles and using compost as a growing medium for a while. 1. I would counsel compost users to expect weeds to sprout anyway regardless of hot composting methods. 2. E.coli is not carried in the plant and E.coli is not harmful unless eaten. And do you read of...
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    compost vs prem soil

    Sorry Dude, your post got snuck in there while I was answering SB. Compost is great to grow in. It can be used in huge quantities with no danger to your plants. I've never used it straight, I always throw in at least 1/4 regular dirt because I think there is very stable potassium in regular...
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    seedlings just sprouted, need some help.

    They are attracted to it as a food source and fall in and drown.
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    seedlings just sprouted, need some help.

    The guy above said it right>half strength means half the amount of "regular" additives that you would normally put in your quarts or gallons of water. Since you did not put a huge amount of extra fertilizer in the hole with the potting soil, I think it is a good idea to go ahead and use the...
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    Timing, measurements, details

    ebb and flow works;) and the schedule I recommended Does depend on having quite porous soil "alternating nodes" in the sense I understood it to be meant here (and in other herb convos) is when the plant grows one branch at a time rather than the two branches that are customary while in veg...
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    leaves dry& curled up

    It has been said that epsom salt does not change the pH (even though it has a pH of it's own). Salt can make other nutrients more available because it acts as a conductor. Epsom salt also has a lot of magnesium in it which is very good although I don't think magnesium is the real trouble since...
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    Experience grower using "peat pellets" for 1st time.....many questions..

    The roots grow through the mesh pretty well. It usually starts to happen in a matter of days. Leaving them sit in water works ok for keeping them moist usually, but the reservoir of water dries up faster than you'd think it would. I like peat pellets but I only use them when I am doing...
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    harvest question

    Amber trichromes means couchlock and most people don't do that. most people harvest when the crystals are round and full and clear on about 80% of the plant. The drying leaves sound like too much N, although I agree that you shouldn't have that problem if you stopped feding a while ago...
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    leaves dry& curled up

    Changes like that to the top of the plant can occur when an immobile nutrient is experiencing problems. I had that type of problem when my maganese got locked up one day. It got locked up due to a pH change. Flushing the soil worked. (changes to bottom leaves are a mobile nutrient problem)...
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    anyone had one of these yet?

    I wasn't talking about ruderalis. I know what those are and I didn't mean to say that all plants will flower although I think that a great deal of them will. I was simply conveying something that has happened in some grows that I have had conversations about. The plants flowered due to apparent...
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    Lights for my new project

    Low pressure sodiums are yellow and I don't think they are bright in the right way. Metal halide floodlights are as expensive as grow ones I think. if you meant halogen<<<those are way too hot Fluorescents are ok. Walmart sells four foot long shoplights for less than $10 USD and the...