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    They will survive down to around 40 deg... But they wont do much growing, if any at all.
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    Well, I am out and alive. lol Sore as ****, but life rolls on... ;) Babies look pitiful, but they are alive. They got left outside for two full days uncovered while I was away, thank goodness we didn't get a cold snap. I am a real mess still, so things may be a little slow going getting back...
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    UPDATE: My husband was in a car accident, and wont be able to use a computer for a while. He is currently in the hospital but is stable and doing well. He asked me to post here and let everyone know whats going on, and said he will be back as soon as possible. Sincerely, Mrs. CaliStyle
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    Coastal Wind

    Having a nice weather break here, plenty of time to repair storm damage and get a jump on things. Hope all is going well up there in that land of trees!! ;) Happy growing and mojo for this new season. :48: ~Cali
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    Small update, babies are all doing their thing. Gonna check soil temps today, have to go buy straw in the next day or two, and finish covering the hoop houses. Other than that just busy busy. I will snap some pics today of progress. Happy growing!! ~Cali :fly:
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    Rabbit's Recreation Room

    Rabbit welcome bro for sure!! Good knowledge and some straight sexy pics man... :48: Happy growing man, and thanks for sharing too. ~Cali P.S... That Hash Wreck plant, is that a Northern Cali strain or Oregon, Washington, BC?? I know you said it's been disco'd, I am just curious.
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    5th season... 1st journal!!!

    Looking good for sure. Mojo your way!! :48: Happy growing ~ Cali
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    That's the same thing I was thinking... Having that piping would act like a great big radiator. Yeah I am totally still thinking about this.:o Anyways, yeah... Okay, say you sank your bucket and got everything plumbed into a main tank. I don't know for sure, but I would think like 4 of the...
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    That's twisted... But I like the possibilities for sure. Man, I just toked a bowl of some gnarly thai. Now I will think about this outdoor dwc thing for the rest of the day...:doh: But... let's think about this for a second.:p If someone was to go through the trouble of sinking 30-50...
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    could you plss do me a huugee favor

    Completely off topic here... But welcome aboard man, and lot's of mojo for your hydro auto grow. Lots of stuff around here to read up on, Happy growing! Cali :fly:
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    Mine too Moses!! :D Thanks for stoppin in :48: Cali
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    Hick, thanks for stopping in man. :48:
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    Heya Gixxer, thanks for stopping by! Yeah bud, they are admittedly on the small side for being 14 days above ground. How ever, they are only receiving around 13.5 hours of light a day right now, and my night time temps are still dropping to around 55 deg f. They are getting an additional 2.5...
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    The Shire

    That's rough on the water, hope everything works itself out with out to much hassle. Looks like it will be a fun journal as well, I will pull a bucket if you don't mind. Happy growing and lot's of MOJO!! Cali:fly:
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    2011 Outdoor garden, trying to go large.

    The name should say it all. ;) What I am going to try and accomplish, will be a grow dedicated to hitting the 5 pound mark (Per plant of course). Before this becomes a tinkling match, I am not going to some how magically alter these things... Just going to do my absolute best to provide an...