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    Hashplant SOG

    Wow can't believe my old grow journal is still here.... Brings back some memories. Haven't grown anything in 10 years
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    check this out.
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    Hard Water

    reverse osmosis fixed mine, I have it set up on a float switch so there is always 30gal. on hand. gets my water down to 1-2 ppm
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    Flourescent Side Lighting?

    more light the better, but you can wait till flowering.
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    nute burn?? or to close to lights??

    more food, she's starving.
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    plant yield is directly proportionate to root mass. a multi top plant will yield a similar amount, as a single cola, in the same conditions. (some strains may differ slightly) but. if you have a small amount of plants for a large space, toping and creating a fatter bushy plant with extra...
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    Greetings from South Australia

    Welcome great pic's, I love the garbage cans.
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    Master Kush: Clone-Final Smoke

    I lined the table with one bail giving a depth of about 3”- 4” Then filled the pots adding the clones that have rooted. Instead of watering each pot, the table will be filled once a week to about a 3" depth of nutrient solution. The pots will absorb the nutrients from the bottom. Since...
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    mother plant?

    how many clones? how often?
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    Help with fans and ventilation needed..

    since you are using CFL's, one 4" exhaust should be plenty. If a heat problem happens you can always add a secound for intake. the 4" inline fan kit in the link, might work best. you can mount the fan anywhere so it doesn't take up room. I like this...
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    Advantages of Transplanting??

    I'm lazy and hate transplanting. the only advantage is space requirements.
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    Paging Seasoned Greenthumbs

    for every 12" of plant height, you will need about 1 gal. 2ft plant will need a 2gal. pot. also remember she will double in size after you flick to 12/12
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    Master Kush: Clone-Final Smoke

    Thanks, Here is the Set-up 4’ x 8’ table with 32 - 1gal. Pots using Coco-Tec Coconut coir as the medium. 2 - 1000watt HPS. 200cfm 6" muffin fan for intake and another for exhaust. 17gal. Reservoir (garbage can) with air pump and sump pump for the watering wand. Oscillating fan for air...
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    1st real grow

    congratulations with the new family
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    PPM Question

    I'm not a big fan of combination PPM/PH pens because of the calibration and regular maintenance involved. I rarely check PH, but when I do, I still use drops.