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    BHO anyone?

    Didnt have to link, Just type the steps :)
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    BHO anyone?

    how about a step by step on how to make it :) im sure some members would like to know :)
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    Need marijuana strain recommendation

    go with the juicy fruit or romulan
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    sweet deal

    also if anyone interested i have a hook up on brand new 600watt digi hps ballasts for $150
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    9 leaves?

    yea they can have up to 11 fingers, just traits
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    Need a purple, need 'er now

    i think this thread is in the wrong section
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    need help

    yea what he said, then go for half amber, wich is after cloudy
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    ill be in there at night est time. like right now if anyone has questions
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    Would it harm to take a snippet

    lol, i dont know if a little snip will do anything enless there are some crystals on it... but nope shouldnt hurt to take off a leaf or two from the lower branches, maybe snip one two shading bud sites
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    What Are ideal seeds supposed to look like?

    that one smaller one in the pic looks no good, the pale one
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    Hi everybuddy

    hey queenmary welcome to the site :)
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    never heard of em
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    Yipes...what is happening!

    can you get a btter pic?
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    Fruity Tuity Bubblegum Grow

    whered you get the seeds?