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    Wow, this could be a game changer if they take it as serious as their professional audio gear division.
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    Better root growth with Blurple?

    good input, thank you :)
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    Better root growth with Blurple?

    I've run the gambit in veg, everything from CFL bulbs all the way to the new "white light" quantum boards. But there is something I have noticed and I'm not sure if it is just me, but it tends to be holding true after a couple of runs. White light quantum boards are touted as full spectrum...
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    Commercial license's

    This is when you start a clone and seed business, using the 30-60 plants for R&D. TBH, a good seed line makes a plant 10x more valuable in price compared to flower. You just need to work and get the good genetics stable for sale.
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    Hoppers growing cheap😁

    Garden is looking nice and kept. I do enjoy your choices of companion planting too. Bravo :)
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    Pollinating female auto

    If you have some auto's that you like, you would want to reverse them, which passes on the female trait and also the auto trait but you will need to do this for 3-4 generations in order to really lock in the auto trait and have the majority express it. Each subsequent generation, your ratio of...
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    July 1st, legal for Virginia 2021.

    Congratulations. It's nice to not feel like you are doing something wrong, when you in fact are not doing something wrong. I'm happy for you :)
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    Helping Home growers getting started

    Some good questions above, they will help us all solve the question. But, do you know the Ph of your input water?
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    Seed/Seedling Questions

    Doesn't look like you use carbon filters I'm guessing ;)
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    This is true, more details like, the medium are crucial to giving you a good answer. Personally, with soil, I usually feed half strength in the beginning, every other feeding.... this is if I don't use a soil that is naturally amended with nutrients. Most are. FFOF has a lot and I don't feed...
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    When to harvest

    To determine when to harvest, you will want to look at the trichomes on the buds. You are looking at the color of the round head of the trichome. General rule of thumb is to harvest when you have 10% amber, 80% milky and 10% clear trichome heads. After a few harvests, you may find your own...
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    Helping Home growers getting started

    Oh dude, I had no idea this person existed. First result on google is him with a skateboard. Bless your gentle twisted soul. Soooooooo freekan rad! and worthy of a photoshopped face :)
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    Helping Home growers getting started

    Hi guys, girls and Roster the cog ;) Some of you may know, that I have a passion for helping new growers be able to provide themselves with clean medicine. I offer my assistance through forums, chats and now in the video form. I'm not here to advertise my new show, more so, I want to bring it to...
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    Ice cream cake 3rd week flower

    She's certainly looking great. Nice job :) Enjoy that smoke when it comes down!
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    Ice cream cake 3rd week flower

    Are you sure? Your hairs are starting to turn brown and there is a decent amount of trichome production. By all standards, that would be pretty amazing. 15 days since you flipped the light or 15 days since you started seeing flowers forming? If it truly was 15 days since you flipped, those...