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    Alcohol Vs MJ

    after about a week of taking them I had to start taking more, to get the same effect. I used to let the disikve under my tongue.
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    Alcohol Vs MJ

    Mutt I know what you are taking about I used to take Klonopin for anxiety, and i would rather smoke that take those pills.
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    I am thinking of getting a new buell, after I grad. from school I am going to build my own custom bike. I am going to school to be a harley tech.
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    any one in here ride, and if you do what do you have.
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    Whats up

    welcome hazed
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    K9 unit - police dogs

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    french inhale anyone??

    when smoking a joint or a blunt can any of you inhale from your mouth and exhale a little from your nose at the same time?????/
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    bubble hash spliff??

    shuggy your better off smoking it in a pipe or a bong, dont think that it will smoke well in a joint. IMHO.
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    Whats your whip??

    I drive a red 89 pontiac firebird, but I plan an selling it to get a bike. Tired of dumping money into it ad wasting my time fixing it just spent like 3 weeks working on it. can you say P.O.S.
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    if you need to take a drug test you might want to consider this...

    my buddie has used this many times and passed. he used the 1 that has a heat pack and a tip that looks like the real thing
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    Hiya Everyone

    welcome abroad
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    man whats up with that no beer thing. That blows, but at least you had a good time and thats all that counts.
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    Advetures in the Growing Trade

    damn I dont even wanna read all that, way 2 much at one time