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    Most potent strains

    I am wondering which strains are the most potent, I am not looking for personal oppinion but actual THC count. I am not particularly concerned with the yeild only growing the strongest weed in the world.
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    seeds in my pot

    should i cut her down or leave it. if i leave it will it it fill with seeds
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    seeds in my pot

    stoneybud i have poped more then one seed out already i would say there is probably like 15 seeds dispursed through out this 6 foot plant. worried about polinating the rest of the room
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    seeds in my pot

    i am finding a couple of seeds im one of my babies 5 weeks into flower. i am pretty sure i dont have any hermies and i havent seen flowers pop out or anything. i was wondering if it could make my other plants seed or if it was just a natural occourance and a few seeds is normal.
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    Reveging after Harvest

    ya HGB i would really appreciate that link! thanks for all the info.
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    medical grow

    Hey HGB, I was wondering if you could post some info on your successful reveg. i need some tips before harvest and ive never done it before.
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    Reveging after Harvest

    I am looking for some advice on reveging an already budded plant. harvest time is commin up and i was just wondering what exactly do i need to do. first of all do i chop her or do i leave her just the way she is only taking the buds off. i know i need to change the light cycle back to 24/0 but i...
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    different height delima. plz help!

    i would keep the little ones never know what ull get. you definately wont loose anything.
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    skinny buds help

    i know what you guys mean my nugs are always fat and sticky, these buds are different then anything i have ever seen. the light is close enough the plant the top just seems to be extremely loose. it almost appears that this breed grows the stem of the nug first and then fills in. it is really...
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    skinny buds help

    the light is 1000 wt hps and he uses the dnf flower fertilizer once every second watering
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    skinny buds help

    so my budy started his garden around the same time as mine and iit is now 6 weeks into flower. i am not sure of the strain but i do know it looks like crap. the buds are long and loose they cover most of the branch. the buds if you could call them that are really skiney and along the bud stem...
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    purple power/ white widdow

    i have a cross breed and it has been in flower for about 6 weeks, i looked at the trichromes of a sample i had taken and the trichromes are bright purple at the head. i really do not think she is done because every day i am noticing new growth and trichrome production. i have always red here...
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    two stems

    I have had that happen before i called her the twins make sure you give her lots of light to support those branches and try pinnng down the branches you can essentailly have double the yield with double the plant.
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    Natural or inexpensive way to give a plant potassium

    after the trouble shooter any alot of reading i have come to the conclusion that i have a potassium deficiency. i just flusshed the plant but what can i do to to give her a boost of potassium her buds are lose and lanky. it does have a sufficient light source and i am very confident that it is a...