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    Diesel Growers !!!

    I'm getting ready to get some new seeds for my indoor grow next month and I'm really intrested in these Diesel crosses. My question is does anyone have experience with growing and smoking any of them. none of my buddies have grown any and there kinda gonna be going off my word and smoke If you...
  2. cincy boy

    4u2sm0kes outdoors 2011

    Those girls look real good man keep on keepin on
  3. cincy boy

    Triming lower branchs while in FLOWER

    First off let me say its awesome to see how this site has grown sinch I've last logged on (2007). Now to my question I just want to here peoples feedback on triming lower branchs while in flower to promote healthier growth on your main cola/colas.This has been a debate between me and all my...
  4. cincy boy

    Updated Pictures Blueberry X Bigbud!!! MUST SEE PICS

    was she a soil grow or hydro
  5. cincy boy

    Plant is slowly going away.....

    toss them out and start over now u know
  6. cincy boy

    7.5 tons of weed

    just cuz its mexican weed dosent mean its bad iv had brown weed that got me stoned as **** just didnt taste to great
  7. cincy boy

    BW's Blu-N-Bed-grow

    god damn faggots there should be strick rules in order to become a member of marijuanapassion!!!
  8. cincy boy

    My white widow

    yeah but you know what your doing
  9. cincy boy

    My white widow

    section off a part of that room or your just going to lose valuble light and vegg longer IF you want a pound but you probly wont even get near it
  10. cincy boy

    2-3 plants indoors

    250 watt hps agrosun bulb and some type of co2 gentarator
  11. cincy boy

    one question for the pros

    how meny plants you looking to grow?
  12. cincy boy

    BIGGER YIELD (SOG): 60 x 1gal. pots vs. 28 x 3gal. pots ???

    how bout 20 plants in 5 gallon pots for more root space and bigger yeild
  13. cincy boy

    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    god I want to start growing again soo bad
  14. cincy boy

    Flowering White Widow Mother

    how meny grams you get weeddog