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    What do you guys think of this? Hermie?

    Hi guys been in the closet for a couple months. Finally started budding my plants and i have a question. *** is this? Hermie?
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    pic before 12/12

    Hey rasta, how is your plant doing? please post up new pics.;)
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    My Buds are Starting?

    Hey Smokey, how long did your grow take? also looks like some stretching going on. I am thinking about finally turning my plants but as of now they look sick:mad: Been growing the same 4 plants for like 2 months now and they are only at 18 inches. They are bushy as hell though, and i tried to...
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    Marijuana Growing terms

    Hey guys was wondering if there was a sticky on marijuana growing terms? For instance i see a lot of people here say, "Topping it"? whats that mean?
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    My Buds are Starting?

    YES! thanks for holding my hand guys. I mean earlier on. I would have to say i agree with you on that. I have read not a single book, only forums and how tos on the internet. Not to mention DL 3 different kinds of videos to grow. But nothing measures to the human interaction of suggestions and...
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    Nutrients help needed.

    MOdest Mouse thats anyways i really dont know what im growing thats why i responded to your earlier posts. But pic 1 looks like the same as yours right? For all i know it could be dandelion. and the other ones, with the slender narrower blades look like they might either be ak some sort...
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    Nutrients help needed.

    After reading your post Skunk. I realize you were talking about bringing in the light closer for the plants, not the photo. lol:rolleyes: but anyways please critique these will you guys. These are the original problem plants iu had earlier in recent posts. This is a week after its been under...
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    Nutrients help needed.

    Bringing the light closer is not her problem...adjusting her depth of field by turning the apperture up or down and also focusing on the proper subject will fix this. Besides by the look of the background i see you have used a flash, not a stand alone light source. I see a lot of pictures in...
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    Stock Turning Purple?

    Very insightfull Hick Thanks Again.
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    Stock Turning Purple?

    What am i lloking for where i should start worrying? i added some phosphorous enriched nut to se see if this will help. I was troubleshooting with 1 of the plants and it seemed to control the inflamation. A lot of forums and some how tos talk about defeciencies, but they are never clear on how...
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    Stock Turning Purple?

    ahhhAHHHHH!!!! Main stalk or stem has turned purple...i know this is a serious defeciency. Phosphorous right? How do i fix this problem? I never changed any watering or added nutrient after flushing. Only thing i have changed is light cycle 18/6 to 24/0 what is happening here? Can the light be...
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    Seed Banks

    Been thinking about buying some seeds, but affraid to? Can anyone please re-assure me that i'm not going to a Marc Emery type bank? and also will P.O. Box be safe enough? and also if that Box was outside in sub temp. condition like say 12 deg.? will it be ok?
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    The ATHEIST.

    A Guy walks into a bar... A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink and while he's drinking, the monkey jumps all around the place. The monkey grabs some olives off the bar and eats them. Then he grabs some sliced limes and eats them. He then jumps onto the pool...
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    I have a lot of questions!

    funny.. he/she spelled Marijuana right?
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    ok clearly it was a nut problem...i stopped adding chemicals and did all the flushing or leeched the pot and plants are now in good shape. I still have more clones coming in to start over. But HICKS, was right! i took his advise and all is good. I will be posting new pics. BTW: only 1 of the...