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    Spider mites are the devil.

    The CFL's just keep my mothers alive and root my clones. After rooting, they go into my veg cab wich is 500w. then they go into the flowering room with a 1000w hortilux.
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    Spider mites are the devil.

    Found some pic's from last year. Icky. Sold it though, webbing and all. lol
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    Question about types of soil

    Hey whatever floats your boat. :) I'm sure my ways are crazy to someone else. Who's to judge. :D
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    harvest when they look like this
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    Dont count the veg time. how long have they been on 12/12 ? o.O
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    Looks like they are only a few weeks into flower. wait another 6 or 7 weeks and you should have something worth smoking. Smoking them now would just be a waste imo.
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    tallest plant too close to light :(

    I broke the trunk of one of my plants once. She split right down the middle while trying to tie her to the wall at about 6 weeks into flowering. Other then taking another week to finish, it didnt seem to hurt bud growth. Not that i would do the stem mashing thing myself. :)
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    Sup Guys. :D I'm back for a while.

    Thanks for the warm welcome Elephant. Good to be back bro.
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    Sup Guys. :D I'm back for a while.

    Did I miss anything good? o.O :) Hey MarP ! Site is huge now man. I think it's bigger then the old one now! O.O Sorry for being absent for the last..... 2 years. heh. Got in some heat and had to lay low for a while. But were back in it, got a nice grow goin this year, had some...
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    Home Made Air cooled Lowes/Homedepot light.

    Seems if you lay low for to long, pic's get stolen. o.O
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    harvest eve/pics

    Great job Mojo ! Enjoy the smoke man ! Awsome job for your first time. I would let them go atleast another two weeks. If you can stand to go that long. :) Again, nice job man. They look beautifull.
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    revegging a harvested plant

    It takes a while. And you must leave some kind of growing node on it. So you must leave atleast one bud. Though it's faster just to root another clone and grow it then reveging a plant.