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    panda film

    whoops, sorry.. didn't read that you only NEEDED 10x25 or so... that's a huge roll but it's inexpensive overall.
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    panda film

    try here. you get a lifetime suppply but it's cheaper.
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    just got first electric bill

    read the sticker on your ballasts. If you run 240 volt you will NOT drop your bill. You will only be able to run more lights on the same amperage circuit. Do a search on OHMS LAW and it will explain that regardless of your voltage the usage will be the same. let me find a blurb real quick...
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    Thoughts: 1K HPS Height from canopy?

    As the title suggests. I've done some testing but I'm curious on others. How High from the canopy would you hang a 1000Watt HPS from the canopy. More info if you believe it matters. 1: Light reflector is a Yield Master 6" sunlight reflector 2: It is NOT cooled 3: It does NOT have a glass...
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    41 days old

    just a tip shot. ;)
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    hps/mh ballast

    check em out. silent and lightweight. runs either hps or mh : Future Brite electronic grow light ballasts operate using electronic circuitry with a 99% power Factor and silent operation. Future Brite ballasts feature built-in axial fans for cooling and built-in short circuit...
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    41 days old

    ahh, what strain is it?? that's a great question. It's been around for quite along time and over the years I think it's true genetics have changed. From memory it's a cross. I only know the female mom came from "Pine Cone" I have no idea what the cross male was. I'll get some new pix up when...
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    41 days old

    first one picked for testing purposes :)
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    the theory of flushing for two weeks. I would assume that only applies to soil grown? I usually flush for 2-3 days tops. I've also harvested with nutes up to the day of harvest. Seems to my palate that the cure is what enhances the flavor. If, in fact, I was to choose to always flush I can't...
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    Why do you keep your Ph so low?

    I'll chime in with some agreement as well as disagreement. I have an aeroflo2 system and I've had good luck running my strain at 6.0-6.5.. After finally finding a happy nute strength I've started running between 5.5-6.2 just for comparisons sake. I've found fantastic growth throughout the range...
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    hps lights great guy to deal with. warehouse pricing. not a retail establishment but a warehouse outside of cleveland. tons of product and really the cheapest I've found including above links. check it out.
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    Burnt curling up leaves two of three plants?

    electronic ballast. ... lighter, quieter, bit cooler and runs either MH or HPS bulbs. ballast information
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    Spots on leaves - What do you think?

    Hmmm, Perhaps I'm just leaning my ph in the wrong direction. It's a bummer to see the spots come on my third week of flowering each time. Tonight I'm picking up a 44 gallon brute garbage can from lowes to use as a holding tank so my chlorinated h2o has time to settle and let the chlorine...
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    Spots on leaves - What do you think?

    That's what I did when I was in rockwool but in the aeroflo with hydroton I got some ph frying and leaf damage anywhere 5.8 or below. plenty of water agitation along with small bubbles when the water falls from the tubes to the resiviour. every five to seven days I drain system...
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    Spots on leaves - What do you think?

    hello all, just a lurker that decided to I've had similar looking issues and I still haven't come to a specific resolution. setup for reference: aeroflo aeroponics setup. 1K hps light GH nutes plenty of circulation exhaust system controlls rooms temp to 80F at most co2...