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    How about May 2019?

    That is a very nice plant you have there mrcane.
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    anyone using the new ac infinity t series fans? I use the one with heating and ac, but this one has ac and humidity.
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    Where Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Stand on Marijuana

    Well if you thought you were promised 4,000$ or a lump sum return then you're definitely going to be disappointed.
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    Where Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Stand on Marijuana

    Im middle to lower class (per income) and things have gotten pretty good for me. Paid less in a lot of things and was able to put more away for my retirement than I have in the past by a substantial amount. Almost have all my credit paid off as well.
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    Federal Marijuana Legalization Is Close, Suggests Canopy-Acreage Deal

    My thoughts exactly!! Its not legal until I can take what I have to the farmers market without thinking twice.
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    DogWeed's C99 and Golden Cobra

    Thank you. Well that depends on the strain you have. If you bought it from a breeder go to their web site and it will tell you how many days it should be. I only use the # of days they mention as a recommendation of when I should start paying attention to the trics. When I see about 10-15%...
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    DogWeed's C99 and Golden Cobra

    I would switch the light cycle to 12/12 and see if that changes anything. Even with autos there is a small chance you'll get a photo plant. However I did have an auto once go 2 months before it started to flower, so your friend may just need to wait another week or two.
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    never seen one like this Maybe an Asian Lady Beetle. The colors looks odd, but Im guessing thats LEDs doing that.
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    DogWeed's C99 and Golden Cobra

    Done and Done! Final weigh in was some where around 6oz Golden Cobra and 5.5oz Cinderella. I say somewhere because I smoke a jar of each before I weighed it, my bad... The C99 doesnt stand out much in the odor department but has a nice smooth earthy smoke to it, and the high it up there. Very...
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    One T-5 enough for clone tray?

    I would think it would work. I have been using a single 12 inch 24w led strip for rooting. I imagine a T5 would be brighter than that.
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    Just like hollowpoint said, some people are takers. I over heard someone a few years ago talking about using drones for this purpose. Just to find small plots around harvest time. Some people are complete ****. Sorry for your loss though. I had a dozen plants taken once, it hurts for sure.
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    Making CBD pills

    (edit) wrong reply to the wrong thread, not sure how I did that...
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    DogWeed's C99 and Golden Cobra

    Thank you QBC. The Cobra is drying now and even with 2 new carbon filters running the entire house is saturated with an odd candy fruit smell. Not gonna lie, Im stoked for this bag. Golden Cobra just before harvest.
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    DogWeed's C99 and Golden Cobra

    The C99 has been harvested, dried and now in jars for the cure. I took 1/2 the Golden Cobras last night and the rest are coming down right after Im done here. So far early smoke reports from teaser branches I took early have the C99 with a super strong head high. Smooth smoke to for being...
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    Green Crack and Dalton Doob clone grow

    Those are looking nice! I find my plants plump up just before the amber trich come through. Nicely done!