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    Help. Scared to death

    I've never had an observed test for employment- probation, yes, employment, no. Good luck.
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    full melt hash?

    Buy some bubble bags, or make your own.
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    Blowing smoke on plants is bad??

    One of my great enjoyments in life is to smoke a joint while tending to the garden and talking to the girls. I tell 'em how beautiful they are and how good they smell and how good they are gonna taste. Weird? Maybe...
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    Alternative CO2 options

    I once used a bicycle tire-filler thing with CO2 cartridges. I sprayed 'em real good after the room came up to temperature every day. Did it do any good? I dunno, but that's another alternative for you.
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    UPS calls, saying they will deliver package tomorrow???

    I've used several vapo's. I actually own 1 still, but it's in Cali, and I'm not. The one that I have in Cali is the fishbowl/soldering iron-type and it *****. It burns the weed; I'd rather do a bong hit. BUT, a kid in one of the clubs in LA invited me to a back room when I was in Cali earlier...
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    fire hazard?

    I seriously doubt that will present a problem. It will depend on the length and quality of the extension cord in this case, but I think even a cheap $1.99 6' cord would be fine. The potential for fire, (other than arcing, which is a different topic) is caused by running too much current (amps)...
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    Movie Ratings!

    Me too. I bet I've seen the first one ten times! See this one since you are a fan, but wait until it comes out on DVD (or use BitTorrent, if you know how).
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    Movie Ratings!

    National Treasure- Book of Secrets 2/5. Don't waste your money or time.
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    Sea of Green

    Pain In The ***
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    Which one is better 400 or 600 HPS

    600w HPS lights are typically more efficient than 400w (or 1000w lights). If you are trying to choose between the 400w and 600w, all else being equal, choose the 600w.
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    everyone read this especially if you live in califorina

    With the right organization and promotion, I think it has a chance of passing in CA. Legalization/decriminalization is going to start in CA and there's no time like the present.
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    Nice place. I'll try to spend some time here to learn, and maybe even teach a little. I'm an old OG member. I would assume there are quite a few OGer's here? How's BOG? Is he posting here?
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    Carbon Filter

    This is a great How-To. Thanks! It's more efficient to pull than push in this scenario because...It's hard to put into words...Think about a cube with holes in two opposing walls; if you try to exchange air by using a "push" configuration, it will tend to cause turbulence as it's trying to...
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    Sea of Green

    I’m trying to get my IP proxy working correctly. Freakin’ PITA. Anyway…good luck with the bugs.
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    Sea of Green

    Lookin' good little brother. See you in a few weeks. I feel like I'm coming home after a long freakin' prison stint! Oh, How's my dog? Man, I miss that mutt!