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    Favorite CBD Brands

    It is essential to have a medical marijuana card and continue from thereon. The general benefits of holding a medical marijuana card is that you can lower tax bills on cannabis products and acquire high potency limits. It can even lead to consent for growing your own cannabis. Wider access to...
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    About Cannabidiol (cbd)

    Hey Rosebud! Thanks for welcoming me. Oh that is wonderful that you grew it. I need to learn it fast just I lack the "green hands". :) Happy to be here.
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    Lebanon Becomes First Arab Country to Legalize Medical Marijuana

    Oh, so Lebanon becomes the first Arab country to legalize medical marijuana for health and industrial causes. This initiative can boost Lebanon's strained economy. Lebanon also constitutes as the three best cultivators of cannabis in the Arab world. The cannabis resin for Lebanon can be found...
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    About Cannabidiol (cbd)

    Okay, so we talk of high potency cannabis or just plainly high strains. For example, the use of " skunk"( delta 9) strain has a very high THC and low cannabidiol level. In another medical herbal marijuana," sinsemilla," CBD was very low. CBD is studied as an anticonvulsant and as...