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    A lot of the considerations on earth are already accomplished by individuals who have maintained trying when there appeared to be no hope whatsoever.

    Our clients are infested with idiots who attempt to impress by utilizing pretentious jargon.The most crucial quality in a very leader are being known as such. All leaders whose fitness is questioned are clearly without force.I think there's nothing, not really crime, more against poetry, to...
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    Compost Tea Time

    A random commercial made me think of this - it was for Hefty trash bags, and every single piece of trash they showed being thrown away was something that could have been composted instead. Do you compost?We do, for as long as I remember. We just have a pile by the back garden where Mom buries...
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    Cell Phone Pics Are A No-no

    As a kind of fix, were now tapatalk enabled which should work fine on your iStuff. But were still looking into why it doesnt like iBrowsers. Have you tried any other browser apps or just safari?