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    Dosing vid THC

    Maybe I am just old school but this just seems to work best on a daily basis. I have a heavy duty vaporizer as well of course but this style is simple to carry and deal with. The idea behind the vid was in response to some email asking about dosing.
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    Micro refinement of THC
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    Steam distillation vids

    This blog link shows extract being purified with steam.
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    Do you "hold it in" ?

    Great idea! Have you seen beer wort chillers? One of those held in an ice water bowl and draw though the vape or smoke through the chiller then instead of running cold water through it. Same as your idea above and not as cool but maybe cheaper? Good post.
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    Do you "hold it in" ?

    I vape daily for severe symptoms which then are not severe . I generally vape nearly pure D9 THC because I have a process that refines crude to that point. Zero terpenes and such then. I have found that a generally quick inhalation like I would take just before a dive into a pool gets the...
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    Nice clear dab

    Check this out. I got upgraded bandwidth at vimeo so can do some high def clips and such. First the cold finger ice is dumped. Hot water is added then I delay a minute or so while the glass to compound interface warms a bit. Done right it really comes off sweet. Harvest can be done then the cold...
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    Nice clear dab

    As I shared in the OP was my final run through the device. After the compound was cleaned of most terpenes but still very dark with “other” stuff using the LLE (hexane and methanol) then it is run through a first pass. The first pass clears all solvents owing to the pressure of very deep vacuum...
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    Nice clear dab

    I am with you about inhaling solvents and such. No way. That is why a cryogenic sublimation apparatus is used. I cannot know with certainty that all pesticides and solvents from extraction and grease from fittings used and such is not in my extract unless I myself remove all traces under vacuum...
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    Nice clear dab

    This was the final step. Before was a liquid to liquid extraction and dewaxing. Here is a link to the Liquid-Liquid-Extraction which also leads to a very knowledgeable group.
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    Nice clear dab

    It takes a bit of doing but this months refinement of my medicine from dark brown and black crude resulted in some highly purified product. Potency is very high.
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    How Medical Marijuana Can Help with Sleep

    I find for the medical reasons I use this for that the purified form is the most useful on a day to day basis. Without the terpenes and all the other stuff I find that as a purified isolate Delta 9 THC provide relief from a variety of problems. As an isolate it is not the “high” that you might...
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    How I isolate Delta 9 THC

    I started with one ounce of already made up concentrate from my OMMP grower. What is shown is not the totality of the harvest but rather just the first harvest off the cold finger. After the layer gets too,thick it begins to drip off the finger so is harvested. Then it is put back together to...
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    How I isolate Delta 9 THC

    This is dispensary extract that has soaked over night in rubbing alcohol. 70% isopropyl/30% water. After the extract in rubbing alcohol was pulled through an aluminum oxide column all of the waxes virtually have been removed. Then it was loaded into my horizontal distillation rig which I use...
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    Refining Delta 9 THC

    Here is how I go about refining high purity Delta 9 THC.
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    Powdered THC for dosing

    I have many vids that show how to purify extract to high purity Delta 9 THC. The compound begins breaking down immediately after refinement and keeping frozen partly slows this. Even frozen powder though within a few days changes from white, to ligt purple, then to a rose hue over time. The...